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INSTANT FOOT PEELING - Essential Kit 100 ml - Over 25 Beauty foot treatments

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Transform your feet from rough to silky smooth in under 2 minutes for less than 2,60 € per application.

The shame of dry, cracked feet knocks confidence and rules what we wear. LOVASKIN’s clinically-proven Instant Foot Peeling guarantees an effective solution to soft, beautiful feet in under 2 minutes – or your money back.

So, you’ll never have to hide your feet again.

The Essential kit contains :

  • 1 Instant Foot Peeling spray bottle 100 ml – More than 25 applications 
  • 1 professional double-side stainless steel foot file.
  • 1 organic cotton pouch.

This kit offers you 50 home pedicures (25 for each foot).

LOVASKIN Instant Foot Peeling reveals the natural beauty of your feet and helps to recover, from the first application, soft, smooth and healthy feet. All you need is less than 2 minutes.

Instant Foot Peeling is an amazing at-home foot treatment with  professional results and a genuinely uplifting experience. Make part of your regular beauty routine and  maintain beautiful, healthy feet in-between you pedicure visits. All you need is two minutes to remove rough dead skin and calluses and get the feet you want and deserve. So whether you are going to your yoga or pilates class, martial art or swimming lesson, or just want to wear those cute sling back sandals you just got, you will always feel confident revealing your feet.


From the first application and in contact with the foot skin, its fresh formula acts in 1 minute to naturally peel the layers of rough foot skin.

  1. Recovers the softness and beauty of your feet.
  2. Removes the roughness of the foot skin.
  3. Prevents hard dead skin, calluses and cracked feet.
  4. Hydrates and protects.
  5. Keep your feet healthy, fresh and relaxed.


  • Your feet are smooth, soft and recover their natural suppleness.
  • You are confident to show your feet at all times.
  • You are free to wear the shoes and clothes you want, when you want.
  • Your feet are beautiful and healthy all year round.


  1. Use on dry feet. DO NOT soak in foot bath prior to using Instant Foot Peeling.
  2. Spray generously, 8-10 times per foot on the heel, sides of foot and toes. Make sure the areas are totally covered with peeling. Do the treatment on one foot at a time.
  3. Leave the product on for 60 seconds without touching.
  4. Massage the first dry skin off using fingers.Then, use the rough side of the foot file to remove excess dead skin (remove the blue protection film first) and finish off with the fine side of the file.
  5. Rinse feet with water and feel the feet soft and healthy.
  6. Feel and enjoy the LOVASKIN difference.


  • Swiss Glacier Water, Aloe Vera leaf juice, Cactus extract, Eucalyptus leaves, Hamamelis bark, Lemon peel extracts
  • AHA and BHA (Alpha and Beta-Hydroxyl Acids): Lactic, DL-Malic, Salicylic, Glycolic (which are also found in certain fruits and vegetables and more commonly used for the face).
  • Alcohol

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