What makes the LOVA | SKIN Instant Foot Peeling so special and different from the other foot peeling? 

The LOVA | SKIN Instant Foot Peeling was especially created to eliminate the need for a professional exfoliation done by a therapist and often using very aggressive methods such as razors and electric buffers. Its keratolytic actives gently soften the corneal layer of the thick foot epidermis and helps to remove the hard dead skin effortlessly and in record time. Other foot peeling will act more aggressively and will need much longer to act.

The LOVA | SKIN Instant Foot Peeling is not hard on your skin and tested dermatologically. It's unique formula including advanced exfoliating agents with plant extracts helps to transform the foot skin naturally and in less than 2 minutes.

Is LOVA | SKIN Instant Foot Peeling suitable for sensitive feet ?

The LOVA | SKIN Instant Foot Peeling was developed especially for all foot skin type taking into account especially those with more sensitive feet that could not cope with the harsh therapist methods using razors or other or other abrasive treatments such as electrical graters.

However some skins are particularly allergic to certain ingredients, ie. Aloe Vera & we therefore suggest a 24 hour test patch if you have a particularly sensitive skin.


Is it normal to see my feet pink after using LOVA | SKIN Instant Foot Peeling ?

Yes, it is quite normal for the skin to colour & feel warm, as the plant enzymes are at work. However, at no time should the Instant Foot Peeling feel uncomfortably hot or stinging. If this takes place then remove peeling with warm water & a cloth.

In addition, the LOVA | SKIN Instant Foot Peeling should not be used on open injuries. Seek medical attention if required.


How often should I use LOVA | SKIN Instant Foot Peeling ?

That depends very much on each individual foot skin & its current condition. Allow your feet to tell you! If you have not used an exfoliating product for some time, then the likelihood is that you have some build up of dead skin layers (cracked feet , corns and calluses) & your feet might look dulled. The LOVA | SKIN Instant Foot Peeling will remove any build up over a series of treatments. You will notice the foot skin quality & softness to improve with each treatment, as the dead cells are removed. 

Then we recommend to do a maintenance care twice a month.